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The Present is a Gift

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

There are many ways we can look at life. Forwards, Backwards, Up, Down, Sideways. We can also spend some time thinking about what has happened in the past, or what may happen in the future. All of these thoughts are healthy, important, and can be tremendously fulfilling. We certainly need to plan for our futures. A well-rounded life is abundantly desirable for most of us. So how can we balance all of these perspectives and still live in this gift we call the present? We can apply Mindful Hypnosis techniques to maximize the benefits of mindfulness and open that present.

Remember that the brain is a muscle and it needs to be exercised. We want you to enjoy the present moment to the fullest. We will work together on helping you love yourself, and help you control the "mind-wandering" thoughts about unhappy past events, as well as worry about the future that has not even happened yet.

Mindfulness, or present moment awareness, can easily be combined with Hypnosis. It can help you be less reactive to negative thoughts. Mindful Hypnosis is also used to release negative habits and emotions. Our goal, together, is to create lasting subconscious changes. We will focus on new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings.

Joseph R. Giove Clinical Hypnosis  |  San Francisco Bay Area

One of the many ways that Clinical Hypnosis can help you is to help you make changes at a subconscious level. Many people try to make changes on their own and may find the results temporary because those changes were merely done at a conscious level alone.

We will work together to help your mind react positively, and automatically, in specific situations. Enjoy the Gift that is the Present.

Call us anytime at 925-215-4017 for a Free Phone Consultation.

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