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MindBerg - How Your Mind and Body Work Together

Joseph R. Giove Clinical Hypnosis  |  San Francisco Bay Area

An Iceberg Is a Good Analogy for the Levels of Your Mind

  • You standing on top on the iceberg with a long paddle reaching down into the water, thinking you are steering the giant iceberg, is your conscious mind.

  • The part of the iceberg above the water is your subconscious that is discoverable, e.g., background noises that you don't hear until you bring attention to them, or the feeling of your heartbeat, or an object in your peripheral vision that all of the sudden grabs your attention, or a compulsive action of which you can become aware.

  • The iceberg below the water is your unconscious mind, which controls autonomic biological and physiological processes like cell division, digestion, heart beat and so on. Also here are old habits, compulsions, past traumas, muscle memory and the like.

The secret to using your powerful MindBody for wellness and performance optimization lies in the realms of your own consciousness: your conscious, subconscious and unconscious functioning.

People often try to make change at the conscious level alone, resulting in temporary results at best. However, when you engage the mighty subconscious and unconscious, which is at least a million times more powerful than your conscious mind - and resides in your entire body - you engage the other 99.9999 percent of your capacity.

My expertise as a clinical hypnotist and biomedical engineer helps you activate your body's own creative capacities by using the special language that your subconscious mind accepts and unfailingly acts upon. These capacities simply lie dormant within you, patiently awaiting activation and can be used to overcome sleep issues, lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress and more.

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