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You Can Stop Smoking Now

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          From the desk of Joseph R Giove
         Clinical Hypnotist, Habit and Addiction Cessation Specialist


If you’ve tried again and again to stop smoking it's not entirely your fault. A key part of your nervous system is probably causing the failures.

ACHE certified.

Dear Friend,


You can stop smoking. Let me tell you why I'm so confident about that.


Helping people break free of addictions and habits has been one of my greatest passions over the last thirty years. I have helped thousands of people clear the smoke and become free of nicotine, marijuana, alcohol and other substances...while they get much healthier in the process.


I know of no subject more empowering, and surprisingly, more confusing. This confusion is not just unfortunate; it is also unnecessary.


With the latest discoveries in neuroscience over the last 10 years, it has never been easier for you to quit smoking for the last time. Never. 


  • It doesn’t require that you have superman will power.

  • It doesn’t require that you hate cigarettes.

  • It doesn’t require patches, nicotine replacement, e-cigarettes or synthetic medications.

  • It doesn’t require that you lose or gain weight.

  • It truly is quick and easy when you clear away the smoke.


Clearing the smoke is the hard part, but I am about to do that for you right now.

Hello Doc,
It’s been almost two years since we last spoke. I am one of your success stories. After our 1st session I have never smoked again (not even a drag). Thank You…you’re great, I swear by you!


-L.Cooley                                                                     * results may vary

If you haven't stopped cigarette smoking, it likely has very little to do with you.


Given the various strategies, scare tactics, gimmicks and misleading information, it is surprising anyone is able to quit smoking, let alone have it be easy, simple and quick.


If this array of methods, scare tactics and failures has left you discouraged and confused, take a deep breath and a long, slow exhale right now. We’re about to target this confusion, clear away the smoke, empower you with a direct path to your freedom, and make things as simple and easy as possible.


In fact, we’ll boil it down to just thirty-six words...a single sentence. And with this one sentence we will work miracles.

PAGE WARNING: Please do not read ahead to find the “one sentence” – doing so will only confuse you more. You will discover it soon enough so take your time, relax and read straight through to the end. I promise it will be worth the time.

First, let's clear away the smoke.

How to Fool Your Mind


Before we discover the quickest, easiest way to stop smoking, let’s take a quick look at the practice of magic, for the two share something surprisingly in common.


Magic baffles and confuses our minds. It distorts our perspective. It distracts us from what's really happening. The impossible becomes possible, yet remains impossible.


The image below makes this point:

Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis Spiral

Your eyes see movement but it is a static image. Nothing is actually moving. How can this be possible?


Your brain can be easily fooled. This is why we are entertained and enthralled by magic.


If we are just being entertained this is OK. Unfortunately, if we are tricked by our minds and nervous systems to take actions that damage or harm us, then we must take aim and see through the smoke and mirrors.


And with this one realization you have achieved a level of intellectual understanding and honesty that few people will ever get to experience.


You have discovered that some of the most magical things that can happen in life are frequently the result of correctly applying the most basic principles imaginable.


This is especially true when it comes to being tricked by your nervous system into cigarette smoking.


Because one of the most basic human principles is this:


We are pleasure-seeking and pain-avoiding beings


Nature has ensured our survival and safety by making this basic principle a deeply-rooted instinct:


  • We are drawn to things that give us pleasure or reward, and 

  • We are repelled by things that give us pain, fear or discomfort. 


And when either of these conditions occur – pain or pleasure – the brain is acting primarily on instinct; in other words, automatically.


These automatic actions and responses are in our subconscious, where habits and addictions also play themselves out, and the powerful and ancient reward centers of the brain become activated.


I know it sounds crazy, but this is why it’s not your fault.


Your autonomic nervous system, which includes your brain, has been tricked into an experience – just like in magic – by associating a harmful activity (smoking cigarettes) with pleasure. And, instinctively, you may fear that quitting smoking will take away that pleasure.


The good news is that when you stop smoking with hypnosis you are not actually giving up anything that your body needs or wants.



2 years today with nary a blip! No urges or discomfort of any kind. Once again, I thank you with all my heart. If at all possible, would you send me a couple of business cards? My last one is absolutely dog-eared and I refuse to give it up.



-R.Stone                                                                       * results may vary

My stop smoking with hypnosis program is called: You Can Stop Smoking Now™. People who quit smoking using my unique hypnosis program don't desire or crave cigarettes, nor do they struggle to NOT crave them. They just don't.

Imagine your life where cigarettes are simply irrelevant, just like the billions of nonsmokers who don't even think of a cigarette during times of stress, reward or boredom.

Very soon you can look forward to:

  • Better health, energy and vitality

  • Improved mental clarity, memory and concentration

  • Deeper sleep

  • Natural relaxation response under stress

  • More money

  • A deeper sense of congruency with your authentic self

  • Less concern over your long-term health

  • A growing sense of self-respect for finally overcoming a life-long challenge

  • A pleasant sense of happiness and freedom


Your cough and congestion will quickly disappear.


You'll reduce liver spots and chances of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, emphysema, angina, thrombosis, impotency, E.D., chronic bronchitis and asthma.


​You will have fewer flues, colds and nightmares.


​Your skin will dramatically and quickly improve.


You will age slower and even reverse your biological age. Sorry, there's nothing we can do about your chronological age.


​You will wake in the morning feeling refreshed after a good night sleep, with lots of energy, instead of wheezing, hacking and coughing.


​If you were one of the thousands of people I have helped stop smoking with hypnosis, you'll probably write to me on your one-year, five-year or ten-year anniversary of quitting smoking and say something like this: 

"Since coming in I have not smoked at all. I don't even have the urge to smoke. I sleep better, feel more rested, and have lots of energy. Wishing you continued success with the people who are fortunate enough to see you, like I was!

-M.Lowery                                                                      * results may vary

​The Science


When you come in for your You Can Stop Smoking Now™ hypnosis session, you'll get my 30 years of experience in medical hypnotism and years of research in neuroscience to free you from the habit and addiction of smoking cigarettes.

The power of suggestion, also known as clinical hypnosis, has been used for over one-hundred years in medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports and education. In fact every drug on the market today has been proven effective through FDA clinical trials using the power of suggestion, a placebo, as a control factor.


​In 1992 an analysis of quit smoking methods was published in the prestigious New Scientist Journal. ​To find the most effective way quitting smoking cigarettes, Frank Schmidt and research student Chockalingam Viswesvaran of the University of Iowa, performed an analysis by combining statistically the results of over 600 studies that included nearly 72,000 people from Europe, America and elsewhere.​


They stated:


​"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit."​


While clinical hypnosis is at the foundation of the You Can Stop Smoking Now™ program, I also apply unique neural reprogramming techniques. Equally important, you'll discover a powerful and healthy method to instantly reduce stress. You'll also receive very effective cardiovascular and respiratory repair methods to make your recovery as rapid as possible, and so no untoward health issues occur after you quit.


These powerful hypnotic techniques function so effectively because it is scientifically proven that thoughts and desires have biological and physiological bases. Therefore, by properly addressing thoughts, desires, and the reward system associated with the addiction and the habit, you are able to extract every last thread of a craving from your system. While it's not magic, it may seem it.

Thirty-Six Magic Words


I am sure that by now you understand that not a single cell in your body or brain wants any more nicotine poison from vaping, nicotine or cigarette smoking. In fact, as hard as it is to believe right now, neither your mind nor your body actually craves a cigarette, nor has it ever.​

What your body is actually craving has been falsely associated with cigarette smoking. When you satisfy what your body is deeply desiring and craving, you'll find that the urge to smoke evaporate like dew at sunrise.​​

Happy Man Call Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Your Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session​

During your stop smoking hypnosis session your subconscious mind and your body will be reprogrammed so that they don't respond to the false desire for nicotine. Quite effortlessly a healthier, more enjoyable habit will take its place.


Soon you may even forget you use to smoke cigarettes in the first place. You will notice how quickly your mind and body recover after you stop smoking.​​​


I invite you to be one of the thousands of former smokers I have helped break free of cigarette smoking...and they never look back.

"I was a 2 pack a day smoker for almost twenty years. When I walked out and left my cigarettes on the table, it was the last time I ever looked back. God Bless you."


-M.Calomino                                                                     * results may vary

My program is so successful helping people quit it comes with a Lifetime Assurance:


Call Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis

If you ever start smoking again, whether it's six months or six years later, just come in for a free follow-up session.

Be sure to call for your no obligation, free phone consultation to learn more or to book your appointment.


Your Freedom Session Awaits You!


​All I can do is open the door for you. There is no pressure and no coercion. You choose to walk through the door only when you are ready. Please just know when you do, that you will be on the surest, quickest path to the freedom you have long desired.


​That freedom can finally be yours. Step through the door and claim it now.


Wishing you the best of health and freedom,


 Joseph R Giove

Clinical Hypnotist


PS.​  ​You can feel especially good about quitting by seeing how quickly your body returns to the health and vitality you enjoyed before your first cigarette.

* All testimonials are unsolicited and solely the experiences of those offering their testimony; individual results vary, depending on many factors.

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Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis Hypnotherapist
Call quit stop smoking hypnosis

"My name is Nick. I was a smoker for the last 20 years. I tried to quit in the past a few different ways- unsuccessfully. I was not a believer in hypnosis, but called Joseph on a last ditch effort, hoping it would work. Although I had no real faith in it and much to my surprise after one session with Joseph, I quit a pack a day habit immediately and with very little effort.


It's been 4 months and I am still completely amazed with the results. I still can't believe how easy it is for me not to smoke, there is just no compulsion. The hypnosis session has paid for itself twice already with the money I have saved from quitting smoking. I have since told every smoker I know about how I quit and about how easy it was and to call Joseph! It was the easiest thing in the world."

-N. Devengenzo

* results may vary

Testimonials are the experience of the client in the testimonial. Individual results vary and depend on many variables such as the client’s personal health and history, attitude, desire, follow-through, confounding conditions, etc. The contents of this site, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained are for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site.   

​"Just wanted to tell you I have been nicotine free for 4 months now. I just got back from snowboarding in Steamboat Springs, Co. Elevation is over 10,000 feet and had no problems with my breathing. Life is great not being a slave to that habit! Thank you for all your help."

- R. MacFarlane

* results may vary

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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I can’t be hypnotized? 


In 25 years I’ve never encountered someone who wanted to be hypnotized who couldn’t. If you want to be hypnotized to free yourself of nicotine in any form, then you will be hypnotized.


Will I still crave cigarettes?


Once your subconscious mind is reprogrammed to satisfy its cravings for what it really wants, cravings will disappear.


Will I gain weight?


Not unless you want to. Remember, you are going to be reprogrammed to replace smoking with a healthy alternative, not food.


I don’t want someone taking control of my mind; will this stop me from being hypnotized?


No. Clinical or therapeutic hypnosis is not like stage hypnosis for entertainment. The hypnotist does not take control of you or make you do things you don’t want to do. The hypnotist helps you to take control back from the domination and control of nicotine addiction.

​"I haven't had one yet! What I tried to do on my own for years, worked in two hours in one day!"

- B. Hess

* results may vary

Call Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis

"Joseph is the best! I came in 6 years ago to stop smoking and have not desired or smoked since. I smoked packs a day for 42 years."
- J. Staggs

* results may vary

Happy woman Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Call Quit Stop Smoking Hypnosis
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