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Master Stress
in Your Life

Imagine yourself with boundless energy, deep and restful sleep, better sex, fewer illnesses, no anxiety, no addictions, improved skin complexion, sharp mental clarity, better memory, extraordinary creativity, amazing productivity and, yes, more friends and greater positive influence on those around you

Read on to discover how you can acquire through hypnosis and self-hypnosis these remarkable, documented benefits of stress and anxiety mastery.


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* All testimonials are unsolicited and solely the experiences of those offering their testimony; individual results vary, depending on many factors.

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Stress & Anxiety Mastery

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Please Read: Testimonials are the experience of the client in the testimonial. Individual results vary and depend on many variables such as the client’s personal health and history, attitude, desire, follow-through, confounding conditions, etc. The contents of this site, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained are for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site.


Does Stress Have to Be the Cost of Success?


While many people use stress as a creative impetus, more often it accumulates unconsciously in the body-mind complex. This causes a broad range of chronic health disorders over time that adversely impact mental, emotional and physical balance and performance.​​


Unresolved stress in the mind and body can become chronic and lead to anxiety, panic disorders, depression and behavior disorders. Unfortunately, the medications taken to address these issues can sometimes complicate matters.


By learning certain techniques that reverse the normally unconscious “stress response,” you can reach greater levels of calm, creativity, fulfillment and achievement without compromising your health and wellness.

Given the growing pressures in life, especially modern families and workplaces, learning a new response to stress is not only desirable it is imperative.​​

Stress mastery is done by skillfully using the same physiological process that has hitherto been unconscious. You will learn how to interrupt that process and easily reprogram yourself to use daily pressures to achieve higher levels of balance and performance, instead of allowing it to degrade your health and vitality.

If your stress has already manifested as anxiety or panic attacks, which can interfere with driving, work and relationships, it’s time to use the power of your mind-body through hypnosis and self-hypnosis to re-balance and reprogram your response to stress.

By doing this many of the ill effects of prior stress can be significantly reduced or entirely eliminated and your:

  • immune system improves

  • energy increases

  • sleep improves

  • eating habits and fat burning normalize

  • anxiety decreases

  • compulsive and poor habits diminish

  • skin complexion improves

  • elimination and detoxification improves

  • mental clarity, creativity and productivity reach new heights

For over thirty years I have helped people through hypnosis with a wide range of stress effects:

  • Generalized anxiety

  • Performance anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • Test anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Fear of speaking, driving, flying, heights and enclosed places

  • Chronic illness​

Through confidential, private sessions we address the four key areas that can be deliberately altered, and use stress to make us stronger rather than weaker:​

The Thriving Mind​​


Optimally using daily pressures to thrive instead of stress requires a dramatic shift in perspective. Using latest findings in neuroscience, this segment begins the process of altering how we internalize our response to the external circumstances that give rise to unhealthy stress responses.

We’ll see through the trick of mind that stress plays on us and begin the powerful process of reversing this “trick” to our benefit.

Power Breathwork​​

We take about 20,000 breaths a day. To thrive through stress we must transform our default breathing pattern to be deep, rhythmic and smooth. Tiny moment-to-moment dysfunction in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems caused by improper or stressful breathing can have incredibly damaging long term effects.

Shallow, upper chest breathing is a known precursor to heart disease and stroke, and is one of the most common manifestations of unhealthy stress accumulation. We will employ powerfully effective breathing practices that can produce instant stress reduction and improve energy levels, mental clarity and emotional balance.

Hypnosis is used to help re-pattern the unconscious breathing constriction reflex that occurs under stress.

Body Awareness​​

Stress accumulates in various parts of the body due to “unconsciousness” or unawareness in that part of the body. In other words, one has forgotten that he or she is unconsciously contracting certain muscles in response to external circumstances or situations.

This derives from the evolutionary “fight or flight” response (see side bar) we’re all born with. These become deeply ingrained patterns that can be reversed through the hypnotic techniques employed in private sessions.

Inner Pivoting and the S.N.A.P. Method of Instant Stress Reduction​​

This remarkable technique combines Power Breathwork and Body Awareness with the latest understanding of how our emotions and physical bodies work together. This highly effective neuro-physiological reprogramming process used with hypnotic triggers provides nearly instant stress reduction and achievement of optimal physical, mental and emotional states for peak wellness, performance and disease recovery.

Targeted Therapy for Panic, Anxiety and Fear Disorders


Underpinning most anxiety, fears, phobias and panic disorders is an unhealthy level of stress accumulation in the mind and body. This sets up an agitated nervous system that becomes more easily patterned to respond with an exaggerated stress response to certain stimuli in our lives. 

Even normal day-to-day activities can trigger an anxiety or panic attack like driving, a loud noise, speaking in front of a group or even certain thoughts. These are extreme effects but many more people experience them than you might realize.

If you are one, it’s time to get professional help, and hypnosis is the powerful natural modality than help you regain physical, emotional and psychological balance.


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​Remember ​Why Clinical Hypnosis Works​

"As I look back at where I was 6 months ago, I am amazed at the changes that have occurred...for me this means less stress and tension, more energy, improved health and a happier family life..."

-K. Anderson

* results may vary

​Stressed To Excess

A 1987 study estimated that we have over a thousand times more individual stressors each day than our ancestors had merely one hundred years ago. The truly alarming message from this study: the human body processes over 90% of these stressors unconsciously.

While this automatic processing was quite useful in earlier times, the “fight or flight” response to modern pressures over stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and has an insidious effect on our health. This is because most modern stress inducers – busy schedules, excessive work hours, financial and family commitments, climbing…and falling from the corporate ladder – are not conducive to fighting or fleeing as a means of dealing with them. Unfortunately, the body-mind complex does respond in just this way, causing a long list of disorders that will most likely follow.

According to the American Institute for Preventative Medicine, stress is at the root of nearly two-thirds of all office visits and plays a major role in heart disease, cancer and most chronic diseases. 

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