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Sustainable Weight Loss Begins in the Mind


Weight Loss For the Mind is a proven hypnotic process developed by Clinical Hypnotist Joseph R. Giove over 20 years of helping people lead healthier, happier lives.

Read on to discover how hypnosis can help create new eating and activity habits, while reducing stress, and developing a new body image that allows sustainable weight loss.

Imagine getting to know a thinner you!

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* All testimonials are unsolicited and solely the experiences of those offering their testimony; individual results vary, depending on many factors.

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Weight Loss for the Mind

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How Do We Lose Weight In Our Minds?


We lose weight in our minds by releasing certain behaviors, habits and attitudes toward food, our environment and our bodies. This is most effectively accomplished at the level where these behaviors, habits and attitudes reside. That level is the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind doesn't just occupy the brain. It resides in the entire body. Every cell, tissue, organ, nerve and fluid carries the body's intelligence. This means that every image, thought, concept and belief share living space with many other bodily systems and functions.


This is why we feel lovesickness in our hearts, hunches in our gut and distress in our necks and shoulders. It is also why we may try to satisfy emotional needs with food.

Weight Loss for the Mind is about regaining the natural intelligence that our bodies need to be fit, healthy and vital. It is about reclaiming the energy lost to unhealthy stress while redirecting the powerful subconscious mind to release weight and activate new habits, behaviors and attitudes. This results in optimum health and personal performance without struggle.

This program isn’t just about lifestyle change, dieting, will power, exercise plans or other strategies that you may have tried in the past.

You will engage a process of creating a mind and body that is retrained to release excess weight. You will have a refreshed body image and a new, healthy relationship with food and the stressors in your life. You will live comfortably in your fit, trim and healthy body.

Lose weight, keep it off and feel great about your body!

Your Body Image

We are born with a positive, healthy relationship with food. Guided by instincts that evolved over millions of years, we knew as infants when to eat and when to stop.

Then we formed certain perceptions and relationships with food. Our perceptions are shaped by our families, early experiences, emotions, the media and peers. In response to these influences, many of us develop an unhealthy relationship with food and a negative image of our bodies.

Unconsciously, we reinforce these patterns, self-soothing emotional needs with food, rendering most weight loss attempts unsuccessful.

Ultimately, the differences between newborn babies and adults are beliefs and perceptions, and how these have animated their bodies.

These beliefs and perceptions form an internal body image that is embedded in the entire body. When you improve this deeply embedded self-image, you begin the powerful process of regaining the body's natural intelligence. You will then function more effortlessly nearer to optimal health, fitness and performance, on all levels.

The Stress Connection

It is nearly impossible to lose weight while the body is experiencing stress, even old stress.

Researchers have found that stress can cause an increase in visceral adipose tissue (VAT), or fat within the abdominal cavity.

Here is how it works:

A chemical messenger called serotonin plays a significant role in producing our cravings for complex carbohydrates and sugars, two of the largest contributors to unhealthy weight gain.

Serotonin and other neurotransmitters are produced by our bodies as "feel good" hormones.

Under stress, we do not have enough of these hormones and we become motivated to "self-soothe" by behaviors that lead to the increase of serotonin.

Overeating of carbohydrate- and fat-rich foods – comfort foods – such as candy bars, ice cream or potato chips increases these feel good hormones, thereby rewarding us unconsciously for eating behavior that is counter to our health. This then perpetuates the cycle, leading to weight gain and especially the difficulty to actually lose weight. These types of food also significantly increase mood swings, lower our energy and inhibit proper sleep.

Many addictions like smoking, alcohol and other drugs are also attempts to self-soothe and increase serotonin. In fact it might be useful to consider that what leads most people to gain weight in the first place is a carbohydrate addiction. Often it must be treated as such; hence, the need to address the full mind and body when resolving it.

The “stress factor” is compounded by the fact that in the last one hundred years we have seen a thousand fold increase in the factors that cause stress.

Almost in direct proportion, we have also seen dramatic increases in chronic disease and weight gain. It is common knowledge now that stress is a precursor to weight gain and obesity.

Therefore mastering stress is crucial for easily shedding weight while creating and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to lose weight in your mind, and your body, call me for a free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and circumstances. This is an important first step because I tailor the program for each individual.

Call (925) 215-4017 for your free confidential phone consultation.

​Remember Why Clinical Hypnosis Works

"Not only have I reached my goal weight but I feel great and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which were out of sight, have returned to normal levels. Thanks to you, I am a winner all around. It was the best value for my money that I ever received, and I have not hesitated to tell my friends about you and our success."

-A. Krakower

* results may vary

Please Read: Testimonials are the experience of the client in the testimonial. Individual results vary and depend on many variables such as the client’s personal health and history, attitude, desire, follow-through, confounding conditions, etc. The contents of this site, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained are for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site.


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