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The Fear of Flying and How Clinical Hypnosis Can Help

Updated: May 9

Hypnosis has been used to help those who suffer from Aviophobia (fear of flying) for decades. One of the most important benefits is that it can provide relief from the severe anxiety that can be associated with flying.

For many people, the anticipation of flying can be anxiety-inducing or even downright fearful, but clinical hypnosis has proven to be a powerful tool in helping people manage this fear.

For example, we may ask the client to imagine themselves entering a building, going up some stairs, and entering an airplane. The client may then be asked what they see on their journey and what it feels like coming into contact with various objects in the environment. They then may be told that they are starting their flight from this location, picking up speed as they go along until they reach their destination.

Joseph R. Giove Clinical Hypnosis  |  San Francisco Bay Area

The process is typically done in two parts - an initial free consultation, followed by a series of one on one hypnosis sessions to help with phobia symptoms and prepare you to enjoy flying again.

Let's break it down further:

Fear of flying can be caused by a number of factors, including:

- Situational factors and fears:

- The person's mindset about the flight

- Worries about the safety of the flight

- Nervousness about turbulence or other potential problems aboard the plane

- The person's past experience with flights, such as negative experiences with turbulence or other difficulties on a plane

So the next question we would ask is if you've ever enjoyed flying on an airplane before? Did you take trips that were pleasurable or business trips that were fulfilling?

Chances are that you did before, or if not, somehow something changed in the way you anticipate flying. There's a very good chance that you really enjoyed flying sometime in the past, or at least viewed it as something fun or exciting.

Now, you might be worried about an upcoming trip, or that you may be embarrassed about how others perceive your fear. This is very common. You may feel the humiliation of the judgment of others, as they may accuse you of what they consider an irrational fear. After all, you've probably been told by many that flying is the safest form of travel, or that you are more likely to perish on the way to the airport than to actually be a casualty of an airline disaster.

Somehow something triggered a change, and what we are going to help you with is to diffuse that trigger.

Joseph R. Giove Clinical Hypnosis  |  San Francisco Bay Area

Clinical Hypnosis can help to enable people to change their thoughts and behavior. It is often used to get relief from and release yourself from fears and phobias.

Together we can use hypnosis to release those fears about plane safety and to reduce your fears and get you back on the plane. We want you to enjoy traveling again.

When we feel fear, we produce adrenaline which can make us feel shaky or nervous. Hypnosis does not wipe away our fears, but it can help us deal with them in a more constructive way so that it doesn't interfere with our life.

We would be happy to guide you in the right direction today.

Call us anytime at 925-215-4017 for a Free Phone Consultation.

Joseph Giove clinical hypnotist.

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