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What are the Different Types of ADHD, and How Can Hypnosis Help?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, has three main symptoms:

  • Inattention

  • Hyperactivity

  • Impulsivity

Although most people with ADHD struggle in all three areas, some mainly have trouble with attention or focus. However, many people struggle with Combined ADHD, which is when a person has symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Adults with ADHD have typically had the disorder since childhood, but it may not be diagnosed until later in life. Many times a peer, family member, or co-worker may observe that a person is having problems at work or in relationships. Adult ADHD symptoms can differ from those of children because of the relative maturity of adults, as well as physical differences between adults and children. However, adults can have any of the three subtypes of ADHD (inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, or combination thereof).

Adults may or may not feel as though they have the hyperactive component, but hyperactivity might show itself in less obvious ways. As an example, an adult may have workaholic tendencies, talk a lot, fidget constantly, or drive very fast.

ADD was typically used to describe the inattentive-type, and the official name became attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in 1987, according to the DSM-III (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual)

Joseph R. Giove Clinical Hypnosis  |  San Francisco Bay Area

Clinical Hypnosis for ADHD

Hypnosis allows the client to gain a better sense of control, increase self-esteem and competence, and reduce stress. It is also especially helpful if you experience anxiety and sleep problems, as many with ADHD do. Clinical Hypnosis can help give a person with ADHD more confidence, as well as the feeling of being in charge of his or her behavior. Hypnosis can help in many ways, and the following is a short summary of some of the benefits:

Better sense of control:

  • Many feel that they may lack self-control in their daily lives. Clinical Hypnosis can help those living with ADHD to experience a greater sense of control over their actions, thoughts, and choices.

Increased self-confidence and self-esteem:

  • Self-esteem and self-control seem to work together. The more a person has control over their symptoms, the better they feel about themselves.

Greater feelings of competence:

  • The more competent a person feels over their symptoms, the more likely they are to reach out and put more effort into their lives and work.

Stress reduction:

  • Managing ADHD symptoms has been very stressful for many. And the stress of managing these symptoms may have accumulated greatly in one's lifetime. Hypnosis for stress reduction can lower the stress level of years of dealing with these symptoms. It can also help to facilitate a good night's sleep, with is critical to stress management.

Rather than simply mask the symptoms of ADHD with pharmaceuticals, and deal with the many adverse side effects of medications, please call to discuss how Clinical Hypnosis may be a better option. As a Certified Hypnotist, I specialize in helping people with these specific symptoms, as well as many other conditions.

Call us anytime at 925-215-4017 for a Free Phone Consultation.

Joseph R. Giove Clinical Hypnosis  |  San Francisco Bay Area

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